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Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach Vuyo Temba from KTM Consulting

Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach Vuyo Temba from KTM Consulting

Business advisors, mentors, coaches and other practitioners supporting small business owners are able to offer impactful help to their clients if they first look after themselves before they aim to help their clients.

“You need to first care for yourself before you care for others,” says Vuyo Temba, the expert panellist on the next episode of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series, covering the topic “Self-care as an essential element in supporting others”.

Vuyo is not only a registered clinical psychologist but also has extensive work experience in senior management roles, allowing her to combine insights from business and psychology into the value she offers her clients. In her work, she focuses on management consulting and people wellness.

“When confronted with challenges, people with an awareness of their own beliefs are able to rewire their thinking so that they are able to find solutions their previous approach would not allow,” says Vuyo. “This is what self-awareness and self-care must be the starting point for any person who is supporting others.

During the upcoming webinar, Vuyo will explain how business support practitioners may use proven tools to attend to their self-care and she will complete a demonstration of such a tool.


“Self-care as an essential element in supporting others”

Join Vuyo Temba, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach from KTM Consulting for this practical webinar on making sure you look after your own self-care so that you are able to support your small business clients on overcoming the stresses and challenges with their businesses during extreme periods such as experienced during the Covid-19 Pandemic…

Thursday 28 January from 11h30 to 12h45

<< CLICK HERE >> to book your place


The Covid-19 Pandemic brought about exceptional circumstances where many businesses are experiencing strain and are either struggling along or are closing down. While this is not true for all businesses, the result has been that in general business owners and managers are working with teams of stressed people and on top of this, they are faced with challenges they never had to confront before.

As a result, business leaders are experiencing much more strain now, compared to before, making self-care even more important during these testing times.

To support others in introducing ways for increased self-care, business support practitioners may start using acceptance exercises or other self-care tools, which they may use themselves and also recommend to their clients.


  • To join the upcoming CPD webinar where you may learn more about self-care and the tools practitioners may use, you can << REGISTER HERE >>.
  • Christoff Oosthuysen is the webinar host and Founding CEO of the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI).


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