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Andrew Bam

Andrew Bam, Senior Manager: PAD & Learning at Seda, is the guest on the upcoming episode of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series.

Practitioners such as business advisors, small business mentors, and entrepreneur coaches are at the forefront of delivering business support services as part of the wider entrepreneurial support ecosystem. They are the people tasked with contact delivery of business development support services.

However, these practitioners are not always aware of the shifts in the approaches adopted by key small business promotion players such as the Department of Small Business Development and its implementation agencies such as the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) and the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (Sefa).

For instance, Seda’s new strategy is focussed on the use of a “facilitation model”, where the focus of service delivery is shifting to other players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, with Seda coordinating, rather than delivering services. Of course, such shifts in approach are not implemented overnight, but practitioners have to take note of the new developments to be prepared for new requirements when working with such agencies.

Another example is the many Enterprise and Supplier Development managers at large firms who started with shifting away from complete outsourcing, to managing aspects of these programmes in-house, which has implications for the service providers they appoint.


“Practical implications of the professionalisation of business advising in South Africa”

Join Andrew Bam, Senior Manager: PAD & Learning at the Small Enterprise Development Agency, for this practical webinar on shifts in the business support service ecosystems and how they will influence practitioners.

Thursday 24 June from 11h30 to 12h45

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The next episode of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series is aimed at helping practitioners to orientate themselves to these shifts in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Andrew Bam, Senior Manager: PAD & Learning at the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) is the webinar guest, who will explain the thinking behind Seda’s approach and shifts in the broader entrepreneur support ecosystem.

The Department of Small Business Development is in the process of reviewing its policies and it is likely that changes will be implemented to enforce specified standards and other ways of ensuring quality service delivery.

Practitioners can prepare themselves for such changes by being informed, which is what the upcoming CPD webinar aims to offer.

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  •  Christoff Oosthuysen is the webinar host, Founding CEO of the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI) and General Partner at Seed South Capital.