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Joe Ruiters, owner of The Business Associates

Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset are always tuned into new opportunities — even during difficult times such as experienced currently with the Covid-19 Pandemic. And business support practitioners, working with such entrepreneurs, are often challenged to make sure such ambition does not remain a pipe dream.

The task of the practitioners working with these entrepreneurs is to “guide them to identify the most suitable growth path and help them in resolving stumbling blocks on the way towards achieving their success,” says Joe Ruiters, owner of The Business Associates.

As a Cape Town-based Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) service provider, The Business Associate offers both demand-side and supply-side interventions to create a more integrated and inclusive South African economy.

“Adopting a growth-approach is not for every business owner, but there are always a few of our clients who stand out as go-getters who have set out to expand their businesses, says Ruiters.

During the upcoming episode of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series, Ruiters will share some of the practical cases where his business advising firm, The Business Associate, helped their clients to adopt a growth path with success.



“Advising your clients on a growth-oriented approach to  improving their businesses”

Join Joe Ruiters, owner of The Business Associate, for this practical webinar supporting your small business clients in adopting a growth path that is most suitable for their specific situation.

Friday 19 March from 11h30 to 12h45

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During this CPD webinar, Ruiters will share several examples from the clients they worked with who followed different paths in growing their businesses. “Each business is different, not only because they operate in different industries or in different locations, but also because the mind-set of their leaders are different. This is why we, as business advisors,  have to respond to the situation in finding the best suitable growth path for that client,” says Ruiters.

In the recent past, The Business Associate supported a level 3 construction company who worked as a sub-contractor on large projects to step up its grading to level 6, which allowed it to become the main contractor on new projects. Another example is an Enterprise Development beneficiary who took part in a business development programme offered by a large firm and who could see the growth opportunity by offering services this large firm needed, thus becoming a supplier and qualifying for even more significant support as a Supplier Development beneficiary.

While many businesses are more suited for growth where they develop over time through an organic growth path, others are able to expand quickly by acquiring another business with a market share they would take several years to capture. 

“As business advisors, we always have to focus on asking the right questions, that will help our clients to understand their options and take direction on a growth path that is most suitable for them,” says Ruiters. 


  • To join the upcoming CPD webinar where you may learn more about self-care and the tools practitioners may use, you can << REGISTER HERE >>.
  • Christoff Oosthuysen is the webinar host, Founding CEO of the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI) and General Partner at Seed South Capital.

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