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How to support your clients based on your own traits, talents, experience and skills

Dr Rudi Kimmie

Dr Rudi Kimmie

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often create great results when they have independent support – even more so now with the pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and changed customer behaviour having a significant impact on the feasibility of their businesses. As a result, those supporting them need to up their game in offering the space for creating solutions when businesses experience unexpected strain.

If you are supporting entrepreneurs or business leaders as consultant, advisor, trainer, facilitator, mentor, coach, or colleague, then you’ve probably asked yourself the question: How prepared am I to offer my support in the “new normal” of Covid-19 and the pandemic?

This is a very important question to ask because the challenges business face today is very different from those prior to the pandemic.

In which ways are you preparing yourself to have an impact with your clients?

Is there perhaps an opportunity now for you to take a step back and define an approach to supporting others which is best suited for your own traits, talents, experience and skills?

This is the topic of the next episode of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series, which you may book a seat for now.



“Understanding How My Traits, Talents,
Experience and Skills Can Best Shape
My Support To My Business Clients”

Thursday 11 June @ 11h30


Dr Rudi Kimmie is one of the panellists on the webinar. He is CEO of TSIBA Business School and holds a PhD Degree in Leadership Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal; and he regularly conducts workshops on leadership and management, locally and internationally.

Dr Kimmie says that good leaders have a solid understanding of themselves and how others perceive them. By understanding yourself, you can support and motivate others much better, he says. During the webinar, he will explore how webinar attendees can explore ways of understanding themselves better, as well as the value they may best offer their clients.

The second panellist is Pinda Potelwa, who recently entered the advisory and mentorship space and is asking herself questions about her best approach in supporting others and which mode of support would be best suited for her.

While she worked in small business banking and as a finance manager in the agricultural sector, she gained much experience in business finance. However, she recognises that knowledge and experience in a specific field may provide context for support, but does not by itself help in making support impactful. This is why understanding yourself is so important when supporting others.


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  • Christoff Oosthuysen is the host of the IBASA & EPI Webinar Series. He serves as coach and facilitator of various learning programmes for entrepreneurs, support practitioners and business leaders. Christoff is also Founding CEO of the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI).

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