An application for a Critical Skills Work Visa has to be accompanied by proof that the applicant falls within the critical skills category in the form of:

a. A confirmation, in writing, from the professional body, council or board recognised by the South African Qualifications Association (SAQA).

  1. in terms of Section 13(1)(i) of the National Qualifications Framework Act, or any relevant government department confirming the skills or qualifications of the applicant and appropriate post qualification experience.

b. If required by law, proof of application for a certificate of registration with the professional body, Council or board recognised by SAQA

  1. in terms of Section 13(1)(i) of the National Qualifications Framework Act.

c. Proof of evaluation of the foreign qualification by SAQA and translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the Republic.

IBASA is recognized by SAQA and can provide you with the confirmations you require to comply with sections A and B of your application. You will need to submit your COMPLETE IBASA application and your proof of payment. The fees are as follows:

Critical Skills Letter

  • Fee R 5 000.00
  • There is a wonderful opportunity to take up complimentary free membership for one year with IBASA as an option when applying for the critical skills letter with the IBASA. (By choosing the Critical Skills Letter & 1 yr Membership)
  • If you choose to take up the free membership an annual renewal subscription fee will be payable as an IBASA Member after twelve months.
  • All fees are non-refundable. Fees will not be returned if your application for a Critical Skills Letter is rejected by the Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa.

Please find the critical skills list that IBASA assesses:

  • Director
  • Policy and Planning Management
  • Corporate General Manager
  • Programme Project Manager
  • Quality System Manager
  • Customer Service Manager (Business Process Outsourcing Sector)
  • Research and Development
  • Call or Contact Center Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Business Development Officer
  • Economist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Policy Analyst

Please note

To work in the field of financial advising in South Africa, individuals need to have formal training. To do so, individuals must have a licence. Under the country’s Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, a national law, it is a requirement for anyone who is working in this field providing financial services to other people that they have a state-approved licence. To do so, individuals must obtain appropriate education in the form of a university degree. They must then apply for an FSP Licence. This licensing requirement is detailed in Section 8 of the FAIS Act

Annual membership :

  • BA: R 1100.00
  • PBA: R 1 400.00
  • CBA: R 1 700.00

Normal membership Fees

  • Application fee: R 600.00
  • Re-grading fee: R 600.00

In order to facilitate this process please send separately from your original application and email to with the following attachments:

1. SAQA certificates on all foreign qualifications – certified and scanned
2. Two letters of recommendations from current or previous employers on letterheads
3. A current copy of ID/Passport – Certified and scanned
4. Copy of VISA/Permit page if already in South Africa
5. Copies of certificates and transcripts – Certified and scanned (If qualifications are from a foreign nation, please supply SAQA weighted certificates)
6. Detailed Current CV
7. Completed membership application form – Application Form
8. Proof of payment

The IBASA will forward your completed file to the relevant experts to provide an assessment. This process can take up to 1 month to complete. If you are eligible you will be issued with a Membership Certificate and Critical Skills Letter confirming your application and your skills.

For your SAQA evaluation please go to