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Nadya Zhexembayeva

As a high school student in Kazakhstan, Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva started her business career by selling insurance. Today she is a global leader in Business Reinvention. Amongst her business endeavours is the Global Reinvention Academy.

Businesses that do not adjust to the changing environment and new technologies will die. Except, there is no inevitability in decline, as businesses can reinvent themselves so that they can thrive.

This is according to Gary Graham, who will share his experience in serving as Chief Reinvention Officer at 3i’s Group, during the upcoming episode of the SEDA, IBASA & EPI Webinar Series.

Graham learned about the potential impact of business reinvention from Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva, who is recognised as a global leader in business strategy and the sustainability of business within the context of the chaotic and unpredictable world of today. She wrote four books on this topic, including “Built To Reinvent – The Ten Commandments Of Today’s Sustainable Company” and “How To Thrive In Chaos – The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook”.

One of the most consistent challenges business leaders face is that they have to make sure the business prepares itself today for what will be needed tomorrow. But the fast-moving environment and often unpredictable economy make it very difficult to know what to plan for. Gone are the days when managers could predict ten years ahead with a fair level of certainty.

Zhexembayeva’s solution is that business leaders must regularly remake who they are, what they offer, and how they deliver their offerings to the world. She calls it “reinvention”.



Join the upcoming episode of the SEDA, IBASA & EPI Webinar Series, with Gary Graham who is a Certified Reinvention Professional. Co-founder of the Centre4Reinvention and Chief Reinvention Officer at 3i’s Group. 

WHAT: CPD Webinar

TOPIC: Reinvent To Grow

WHEN: Thursday 21 April 2022

TIME: 11h30 to 13h00



The environment most businesses operate in today demands that they reinvent themselves every three years, compared to 75 years half a century ago, notes Zhexembayeva. 

Business leaders must reinvent so frequently and so radically that the organisational roles and processes of the past cannot keep up with what is needed. This is why Zhexembayeva created the Ten Commandments for Reinvention as a way of providing guidance to business leaders in driving the reinvention process.

Here is a quick summary of Zhexembayeva’s Ten Commandments, which Graham will expand on during the upcoming webinar…

  1. To be sustainable means you have to take the essence of what you are, and let go of everything else so that you are able to reinvent yourself over and over again.
  2. As reinvention has become essential for survival, each business needs to assign a dedicated role to a Chief Reinvention Officer.
  3. Disruption and uncovering new approaches or models must be ingrained as a key requirement for successful businesses, which requires a breed of pragmatic futurists to be provided real power in the organisation.
  4. To be effective and efficient, reinvention requires a systematic approach, based on new processes and firm recognition within organisations.
  5. Reinvention means removing everything except your essential value and that which you are best at, so that a new reality can be created without starting from scratch.
  6. Fear, arrogance and self-love cannot stand in the way of reinvention as updating and improving the old, rather than creating the new, leads to failure in today’s environment.
  7. Make use of proven reinvention tools, rather than trying to reinvent the reinvention tools to be used.
  8. Finding the right process to follow in reinvention is more important than the strategic content and current solutions as the right steps and conditions will help create the right strategy to emerge, time after time.
  9. Building a healthy reinvention cycle requires finding the balance between leading change and managing the complexities of implementation so that change and implementation build on each other in a cyclical process.
  10. Start by reinventing the business model, rather than the technical product features or the details of business processes as new ways of creating value are required, not just adjusting the technology or perfecting the processes.


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  • Christoff Oosthuysen is the webinar host, Founding CEO of the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI) and General Partner at Seed South Capital.